Saturday, December 23, 2006

Earlier this evening, 6 o clockish - John frightened the living daylights out of me, looming as he did out of the darkness and asking for the loan of a torch. Of course. Certainly. Straight away.

It seems that he'd come to collect a cow that had calved, to take her and her calf back down to the farm at Woodmoor. But now in the dark he couldn't find the cow in the shed. I guess she'd be one of the black ones too. Then having found the cow; the calf was nowhere to be seen. Eventually, in the dim beam of our somewhat domestic torch it came to light - hidden, hunkered down amidst the straw the other side of the rails.

So there's another myth dispelled. We think that farmers have most eventualities covered; the contents of the average farm vehicle would certainly include baler twine, oily rag, sheep drench, spanner, wrench, crisp packet, receipt from Wynnstays, dog, calving device, mud, dust, diesel, grain and assorted bits that have fallen off tractors and sheep. All essential kit. But apparently no torch. Hmm.

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