Sunday, November 28, 2010

White Wales

Tonight? It's  -7 degrees under the cat-slide and falling. Not the chilliest place in the country but cold enough thank you.
Clear blue skies today - but yesterday as above. Here we look west over the Severn Valley and across to the Welsh Mountains. (Powis Castle is almost dead centre.) Perhaps it is because we see this view in monochrome so rarely that this white world is so stunning. I stop the car. I gulp. Inhale. Take it all in and take a picture or two. Jeez, it's cold on the fingers.

The roads were like glass. On Friday I had chickened out completely and turned round - disgruntling the Glam Ass who seemed to relish the idea of a downhill roller-coaster ride. Turning back for home was the better option - either that or my passenger would find himself turfed out onto the side of the road. There are only so many barked 'Keep Your Foot off the Gas! - Don't Brake!' instructions a girl can take as the car, by the sheer force of gravity alone, slithers ever downwards........WTF am I supposed to do then!

I resort to being a weak and feeble woman - albeit a sensible one with all limbs and car intact. The GA reconciles himself to being without a newspaper.

The Council gritting lorry trundled by about an hour later.


Frances said...

Love comparing your green and golden header photo with the beauty of the snowscape you've posted today.

Wise woman to turn back with the vehicle and passenger, before a seasonal incident occured.

I cannot imagine our having any comparable snowfall here in NYC before 2011. Unless, Mother Nature surprises us.


Wipso said...

Fab snaps :-) It was -10 before we went to bed last night but it's almost a heatwave this morning at -5 :-)
A x

rachel said...

Sensible woman. Sliding down a hill is much more fun on a sledge, not inside more than a ton of metal.

Kirsty.a said...

I'm with you. Turn around and stay at home. We haven't had any snow yet in leafy Surrey, but it cetainly feels cold enough to fulfill the forecast

Chris Stovell said...

Wow! Vair beautiful there. Yes, be a girlie and stay inside!

Nikki-ann said...

I had no choice but to be on the road on Friday what with work, though didn't enjoy the drive home up the dingle (I should have gone via Newtown, but automatically turned the usual way despite the white roads ahead of me!). We're due more tonight, I think. I hope we don't get too much more, I'm supposed to be off to Brum shopping on Wednesday!

Love the picture :)

Pam said...

Oh what a gorgeous picture!
I'm assuming your GA can't drive for a while longer so you are chauffeur? If he's anything like my husband he can't help trying to give advice (err, I mean help). I would have turned back too as I hate to drive on ice & snow. Snuggle up and enjoy that mountain of yours. X