Thursday, November 04, 2010

What, when...but where?

We know 'what' - and as it's November 4th we'll take the 'when' for granted.

Yes, it's time for the Chirbury and Marton annual Bonfire Night bonfire again. Under cover of darkness last night an aggressive advertising campaign started on our lanes:

But 'where' is the question.

One would think with all these big 'arrers' it would be pretty obvious but I've neither stumbled across it or had to give way to a stream of tractors and trailers laden with brushwood, old timber and general farmyard detritus. A possible explanation is that it's not yet been built.

Still, there's just over 24 hours to go - plenty of time to put something the size of a 3 storey building together......


Penguins said...

5 big lorries went past our house on Saturday (you know the one on the corner) loaded with brushwood etc I understand they were heading up Long Mountain towards wherever the C&M bonfire is going to be. I hope the wind drops by tomorrow or the whole mountain will be alight.

Jayne said...

Well i've not seen it and even if i had i doubt i could take you back there as i am still getting lost on them lanes, could do with some big 'arrers' myself!

Word verification was HEATI

Nikki-ann said...

I just hpe the weather dries up a bit and the wind dies down!

I'm going to head to my brother's to watch the fireworks over town (Not quite the same I know, but at least I'll be warm & dry!).

Pam said...

We are going to light a fire in the garden fire pit and make smores - Bonfire Night with an Yankee twist!

Frances said...

Mountaineer, I will be back here about the same time of night, to see if more was learned about where the bonfire was lit.

Hoping you are there for that dramatic moment. xo

Diary Farmer said...

Wherever it is they are going have a struggle to light it tonight. A handy supply of the stuff that powers tractors will necessary I fear

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Saturday morning and no reports coming in on the BBC News page of mass evacuations of Trelystan , so it must all have been alright .
No fireworks here . They're kept for New Year . But I had a baked potato to get into the spirit of things .
Sonata .

Pondside said...

That must have been fun - if, that is, you were able to find it.
We went to a bonfire on Hallowe'en nigh - lovely and warm with fireworks and a wiener roast.