Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And it's still only November

I stood here not quite 12 months ago - in early January when we were snowed in. I photographed the same view under much the same conditions - how good it is to have another shot at it:

I like the hill's simple, elegant, bleak beauty under a tenebrous and snow laden sky. Tomorrow the quality of light will be different again. Another challenge.

The thermometer tells me it is warmer today but a brisk wind makes me think otherwise. If it's like Siberia in the shelter of the garden it is like double Siberia up on the hill where the hens live.

So glad I'm not a hen.......


Kirsty.a said...

I love the shape of the wood picked out against the white

Twiglet said...

I could see that pic printed on a huge canvas and costing hundreds!!!

Wipso said...

Fab photo but I would prefer it to wait til Jan before we had snow like that :-)
A x

Pam said...

Lovely picture!
I sometimes wonder how animals survive outdoors & I worry about them. I'd make a dreadful farmer.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I'm glad you're not a hen too . If you were , you wouldn't be blogging .
Your snow is very photogenic ! Hope you're not freezing solid .

Frances said...

Mountaineer, thank you for this beautifully written view of your mountain, just now.

Yes, glad not to be a hen. Well, New York City is no place to be a hen!


elizabethm said...

That is absolutely beautiful.
Our hens won't come out at all. Tried to give them a bit of free ranging yesterday but they went straight back inside!

Kitty said...

Agree with Twiglet - get your brush out and paint that and make your fortune!
My hens are sulking too. I have dug them a path to the warm, dry barn but they're not shifting from their house!