Thursday, May 11, 2006

Your water - safe in our hands...

.....sayeth the Severn Trent Water company on everything from stationery to vehicles. However when I went up the lane a while ago our water was gushing from a standpipe and streaming down the hill. (It just slipped through their fingers.) Meanwhile Severn Trent were doing something vital down a hole in a field.

We're having a waterless day here in Trelystan and our usually profligate usage has been severely curtailed. Having filled bowls, jugs, cups and buckets for essentials, Alan was last seen washing his hands in the pond. It does make you value this very precious resource. And I guess we are lucky in that our supply will be restored this afternoon - for many in this world this rationing would go on forever.
Another truly beautiful day here - went into the field to gather moss to line hanging baskets. The grass was twinkling with dew. The sheep were vaguely interested in my visit - thinking (do sheep think?) that my carrier bag contained sheep nuts. Their interest was shortlived. They are the last of John and Heathers' sheep to lamb and have been gathered from more than one farm so are an odd little flock. Here's a photo for the sheep lovers amongst you!

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