Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What Women Want

Went to Molto nightclub in Welshpool last night - and before you ask - no, I wasn't boogying on down to that crazy disco beat but, along with about 249 other women, was supporting the Friends of Leighton School's fundraiser: 'What Women Want'.

What women want apparently are lots of things that are pink, twinkly and stinky. Also chocolate - and lots of it. Alternative therapies are a girly thing too judging by the practitioners waiting to massage heads, feets and all things in between. We watched hair dressed, nails manicured, admired necklaces and scarves and hats with feathers and hats without. We appreciated the virtues of aloe vera, organic produce and Tanner's Wines. We marvelled at Ricky Lloyd's Chocolate Fountain, dipping fudge, doughnut and marshmallow.

It was a very sucessful evening for the Friends and could only have been improved by a bit more space and some air conditioning as the confines of the nightclub were very hot and stuffy. And I can't describe how sticky the carpet was...

All this woman wanted by about 9.30 was a bit of peace and quiet. So I came home.

Now what could be put on for men: diggers, football and pole-dancing perhaps....?

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