Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The wind in the trees.

This evening the sound of the wind through the trees in Badnage Wood sounded just like the sea crashing on rocks. I was going to describe the sound as 'susuration' but on looking it up in the dictionary, for the sake of accuracy, found that susuration meant murmur, whistling or rustling - like that of a stream. Almost but not quite.

Most of Badnage Wood is spruce, planted, I guess about 50 years ago. Here and there are remnants of older afforestation, an oak, some beech and coppiced hazel. There are some patches of larch which have in the last few days begun to take on a green haze. Come autumn we will watch them gradually turn yellow, then gold until the needles drop. But right now we have the pleasure of watching them come into life, day by day.

One last thing: as we were assembling the new 'workstation' (posh name for desk...) in the studio, we saw a strange little bird in the garden. It turned out to be a Redstart (Phoenicurus phoenicurus) - a most handsome thing: red chested, slate grey mantled with a striking white cap. Neither Alan or I had ever seen one before so great excitment. Our bird book descibes them thus:
'...robin-like birds characterised especially by rufous tail of both sexes at all ages, and by generally chat-like voice and behaviour. Juvenile like female but speckled. Habits include flycatching sallies and curious tail shivering display. Hole nesters.'

Hmm.....As long as they don't wreak havoc amongst the vegetables or wake us at 4.00am squawking and flapping their return will be most welcome.

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