Monday, May 08, 2006

Spring report

When I woke this morning - about 5.00am - the fields around Lower House were in the clouds and the ewes had tucked their lambs into the shelter of the hedge bottoms.

Pretty soon the rain came and at our end of The Long Mountain it was torrential. I went out and took a few pictures - trying to catch the wisps of cloud winding through Badnage Wood. Even now after a long wet chilly winter as magical as in November.
Leaves are unfolding rapidly - we can almost see things grow. So many shades of green and raindrops on leaves and petals like exotic jewels. All this brilliance on such a dull day.

The sheep now on our field will be hard pressed to munch their way through all the new grass. In the vegetable garden most of the seeds have been sown and I am waiting impatiently for shoots to push their way through the soil. I only want to see vegetable seedlings but know that there are many weed seeds waiting to germinate too. The greenhouse is looking good - the tomatoes are 'potted on', as are the aubergines and peppers. Such promise! Alan has just planted a Walnut Tree at the bottom of the Dingle. It will be many years before we'll sit cracking its nuts round the stove on a winter's evening.

And these are my wet feet.

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