Monday, June 30, 2008

Inspiration for would-be writers?

Up in the triangular field adjacent to the barn things are quieter now. The little Welsh Black cow whose keening rent the air a few days ago has settled down - she has been given another calf to suckle. (We'll call him Calf A.) Her maternal instincts are satisfied perhaps.

Should writers of soaps ever seek inspiration, maybe they should lean over a field gate for a while and gain inspiration from therein. Calf A is now suckling on Mrs W Black whose own calf was born with a growth on its jaw and thus unable to suck. It has been taken into care (a.k.a is being hand-reared elsewhere.) Calf A's mother did not survive a traumatic birth and Calf A was first offered to a cow at a neighbouring farm and then to Mrs Ginger Cow whose own calf had died at birth following another difficult calving. Mrs G Cow is now finding it hard to recover from her ordeal and could not feed the infant A. So Calf A was passed on once again - this time we hope for once and for all. I estimate he is now on his third 'mother'. Confused? So am I. I expect Calf A is as well.

Life and death in the burgeoning countryside. Single mothers, surrogate parents and absent fathers, disturbed off-spring - what more could a screen writer ask for?


Lindsay said...

Love your post and know what you mean. Our garden looks out over field in which there is a herd of cows and calves - very relaxing to watch. There is also an old bull who has a bad back and has to be fed and watered in a sitting position. He is very friendly having been shown, and therefore handled a lot We are running a neighbourhood watch for him - last night he drank 10 buckets of water and really enjoyed his cow feed Farmer brought up.

Totty Teabag said...

If we are talking modern cutting-edge soap, then no doubt they would also need a sub plot of payments being made to struggling farmers to allow dumping of toxic waste beneath their pasture that leads to an increase in difficult births in cattle followed by miscarriages in the local human population culminating in the loss of the unborn child of the man who made the payments to the farmers....or something....LOL

kissa said...

I am so glad to hear that the unhappy sound you were having to endure has now ended. Life in the country is just one endless round of social disfunction after another. City types who think the countryside is boring just need to watch from where country dwellers are.My bovine neighbours have moved on where to? we can only surmise.

Zoƫ said...

Life eh, why is it always so difficult!

Glad that Calf and adoptive Mum are doing so well though.

Milla said...

excellent. and how comforting that a few loose ends have been tied up.