Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dog Rose days

This year seems to be a dog rose year.

As the hawthorn's froth of sweet blossom falls away this simple rose can be seen in abundance; thorny swags draped in the hedgerow and scrambling skyward in wayside trees and flowers - flowers everywhere. Flowers in every shade of pink, from shell through to sugar almond.

Flowers now should bring a plentiful harvest of hips in the late summer. A quick 'google' reveals:
  • Rose hips can be made into jam, jelly, syrup and beverages.
  • Rose hips have recently become popular as a healthy treat for pet chinchillas.
  • Rose hips may also be fed to horses. The dried and powdered form can be fed at a maximum of 1 tablespoon per day to help increase coat condition and help with new hoof growth.
  • The fine hairs found inside rose hips can be used as itching powder.
Looks like good times are just around the corner?


Angel said...

Funny-I was only admiring the dog roses on our lane as I drove down earlier today.

Lovely, and there do indeed seem to be so many this year which will mean all the more hips in the autumn.
Remember, I make rose hips into little heart shaped hangy decorations. I collect bags full of them in the autumn, strip them and dry them in the airing cupboard then thread through on wire.

take care and hope to see you soon

GeraniumCat said...

Ours aren't out yet. When I was in primary school we used to be organised into collecting them to be made into rosehip syrup. The person who collected the greatest weight got a prize. I used to dread meeting boys while collecting, because it would inevitably lead to hours of miserable scratching!

Ragged Roses said...

Dog roses really remind me of when I was younger. Itching powder eh ...
Have a good weekend

Nikki-ann said...

There seems to be a few around here too :)