Friday, June 27, 2008

At 8 days old.

8 days old already. Still quite cute but fluff is giving way to feathers on wings and stubby tails.

Mother hen has shown her chicks where and what to peck and they dutifully rush to her side and feed when she make a special little clucky noise which obviously means 'Come and get it' in hen-speak. I've noticed that they instinctively scratch and preen too, like the miniature hens they are fast becoming. You might be interested to know that with this breed - Cream Legbars - the sexes can be identified on day 1, the females having darker plumage than the males. This is fortunate as chicken-sexing is definitely not one of my specialisms.
She still manages to accommodate them all under her wings - for warmth and protection - a bit like a feathery tea cosy really. I love the way little heads peep out at random. With weather as miserable as it has been it must be wonderful warm retreat. I wonder for how long they will all manage to snuggle down there. More news next week.


Diary Farmer said...

What a great place to be on a day like today.If you could push up a bit,is there room for a little one!!

Nikki-ann said...

looks a bit like a feathery tea-cosy! :) The chicks are cute though.

GeraniumCat said...

What a blissful picture. I rather fancied cream legbars myself, but couldn't find any closer than the other side of the country at the time, and didn't want to start with eggs. I shall be interested to see how yours do.

Mopsa said...

How lovely they all are. I am having a wee rant as the 3 goslings I reared (incubator) and put with their parents yesterday have today gone walkabout/been snatched by a predator. Normally the geese are very protective even if they haven't hatched them... bah. My fault for not taking enough care. Bah again.

Onion said...
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Onion said...

Lovely! Thank you for sharing your chicks with us. You have made my mistress quite green with envy! But most importantly, what does Wilson think?
Big lick,

Exmoorjane said...

By heck that chicken looks a bit like the fab illustration on your sidebar! Gorgeous graphic markings.

Lizzie said...

Hi old blogger friend!

How are you? I'm not quite 'back in the fold' but hope to blog again v.soon.

Do hope all is well.
Love Lizzie x