Friday, June 20, 2008

'Here Come de Judge'

Today I have mostly been judging class YF22 in the Young Farmers' Marquee at the West Mid Show - 'An invitation to a wedding to be held in another country'. I have always wanted a Judge's badge. Today was my lucky day.

There were some good entries and it seems young people aspire to weddings in exotic locations now - Japan, Hawaii and Mauritius. A couple of others chose to illustrate Croatia and Poland. Interesting I thought.

I'd like to think that the YFC was an opportunity for young people of both sexes to meet on equal terms - which I'm sure they do on a day to day basis. But where were the girls' entries in the 'Famous Landmark made from recycled materials found around the farm' (sub agenda - can you weld?) or the boys' 'A Healthy Picnic Hamper'? I think I'll come back to this at a later date.

Still, an interesting afternoon at the Showground and afterwards trying to run to ground the origin of that pesky phrase 'Here Come de Judge...' I've gone via Flip Wilson, Pigmeat Markham, Shorty Long, Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In and some fairly obscure and unmemorable things in between.

I'm none the wiser.


Frances said...

Today's blog was a beaut, but the two prior posts were also.
The little fluffy chicks, promising fresh life, and then the opportunity to read a bit about your mom. (My mom did celebrate her 90th birthday this year, and I so wish that those ninety years led her to want to communicate more with me.)


Diary Farmer said...

Hope you all managed to stay dry today. Previous experiences of The West Mid Show in bygone days, where after the tractor drawn floats had paraded, there was usually a water fight afterwards Well done on your judging

elizabethm said...

Wow, I feel honoured to have been in the company of a distinguished judge.
How did that happen? Obviously I am not doubting your qualifications, just curious!

Exmoorjane said...

Judge eh? Doffs cap. But yes indeed, why not girls welding or boys foraging for food? You would think and hope the days of 'this = man work; this = woman's work' were long gone - but not, it seems, in the country! Haven't caught any shows this year....most cross.