Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stirring stuff?

Here in the small mountain kingdom of Trelystan I've been mulling over the idea of a national motto. Is it something we might adopt ourselves perhaps?

I guess when our esteemed leader G.Brown proposed just such a thing he was thinking along more aspirational lines than ‘Dipso, fatso, bingo, asbo, Tesco - one of many mottoes suggested on the CommentCentral blog. But isn't it a corker? What an apposite and pithy use of 5 words to sum up the state of the nation - encapsulating the sort of seediness that seems to permeate television, town centres and retail parks of late. Judging by many of the suggestions we're a pretty jaded and cynical bunch of citizens too.
Even though they were written in jest they make pretty depressing reading.

Do the British need a motto though - we seem to have managed quite well without for long enough. The last thing we need is this nanny state telling us what to think as well as what to eat and drink.

Ah well, 'Mustn't grumble'. That'll do nicely.


Diary Farmer said...

I came, I saw, I stuck around
We always look up to those in the Kingdom of Trelystan at least geographically!!

Mopsa said...

That is brilliant - but not a reflection of my current experience. But I won't suggest an alternative as it will be all Jerusalemish and I hat the last night of the proms with a vengeance.

Mopsa said...

hat? no. HATE.