Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Here's the cast assembled at the last rehearsal on Tuesday. The performance in the village was last night. The Hall was full - children on benches at the front gorging on fizzy pop and chattering like little monkeys, adults filling the chairs behind, a glass of wine and Draw tickets in hand. (Remember there's always a Draw.)

All went well - as ever it would - any faux pas were affectionately received by an indulgent audience and applause was generous. Then time for 'cheese and wine' and the serious business of discussing the finer points of farming.

The first Young Farmers' production we saw was 4 years ago. We sat in the Hall, knowing no one save our local farmer and his wife. We were ever so slightly bemused I think and certainly aware of being objects of curiosity. Just who were we, these strangers? It was a bit like being teleported down from another planet. Planet Manchester - they do things differently there. But we've lived to tell the tale - the natives were friendly - and now I realise that of the crowd in the hall a large percentage have familiar faces. That previous life sometimes seems a world away.

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