Saturday, February 03, 2007

As I write this the sun has gone down on a beautiful day and the first star of the evening in low in the sky towards the south west. Venus I think. The sky is clear - no cloud cover at all so tonight will probably bring frost again. This morning we drove over Long Mountain to collect the dogs from kennels - the fields were white over and to the east the Rea Valley between us and the Stiperstones was filled with mist. The dogs, now released from incarceration, are sprawled on a Persian rug in front of the log burner toasting their bellies. It's a dog's life eh?

We finally made it home yesterday despite Arriva Trains Wales best efforts to send us back to Birmingham instead of onwards to Welshpool. I did say that the Birmingham - Welshpool leg of the journey was too stressful to contemplate and yesterday's debacle was no exception. Suffice to say we were lucky enough to realise in time we had been directed to the wrong train (but there must have been a dozen other passengers that remained in blissful ignorance.....) but not lucky enough to catch the right one. That chugged off at speed leaving us on Shrewsbury station. 'nuff said.

An excellent few days away. I've come back thinking - as I always do - that there's just so much stuff in London, so much choice. (Jealous - moi? Not really but when I notice that yet another charity shop is opening on Welshpool's High Street my heart does sink a little. That will be 7 in total.) We sourced some replacement table lights, had a wonderful night at the opera, ate in Clerkenwell at Moro, in Pimlico at Poule au Pot and at Bibendum's Oyster Bar. We gawped at treasures in the British Museum. We walked and walked and walked. Alan bought a chair.....

......which should be delivered some time next week.

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