Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's snowing! It's snowing! It's snowing!

The colour has gone from the landscape. There is white and there is black and there are shades in between. It is far from monotonous but stark and dramatic, brutal even. It is a landscape for those pied birds - the wagtail, magpie and Great Spotted Woodpecker -the splash of red on the latter's rump a gaudy jewel.


Exam Crisis said...

happy birthday. Sorry its blated.

See you soon xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Mountainear,
I enjoyed your pictures of the snow from atop a very low mountain. I happened upon your site a few weeks ago while googling "VronGate" for genealogy purposes. I saw your post about traveling to Marton with Doreen to record the oral history. My great-grandfather, Thomas Vaughan, emigrated from Brockton, Worthen, Shropshire in 1870. He left behind his family, one brother who was publician of the White Horse Inn in Worthen. Can you tell me if this is still there? According to a census report it looks to be in the area of Bird Farm, and Rose Cottage. Thanks for letting me "peek" at your pictures of the countryside.

mountainear said...

Hi Cheryl - I guess you're not from these parts. The White Horse in Worthen is still there - but a private house these days. I could send you a picture.
Brockton and Worthen are up the road only a little bit from where we live. Do you need to know more about the Vaughan family - it may be that there is a little more information in the local archives. (Doreen and I need little excuse to make a visit!) email I would be glad to help - and thanks for your kind comments.

mountainear said...

Sam, birthday smirthday whatever? thank you - come and see us soon. F