Friday, January 19, 2007

Wind blog

I imagine that everyone's got a tale to tell about yesterday's wild and whacky weather.....

Me? I went to Shrewsbury and spent a sheltered couple of hours at the hairdressers leaving Alan at the top of our increasingly windswept hill. The lane was running with water and the wind was still gusting strongly from the west. One of the farmer's trees had snapped off in the night and crushed a gate. (It's quite tribute to the man who hung it in the first place that the posts and hinges barely budged an inch.)

It's hardly suprising this old Horse Chestnut fell - it was proverbially 'rotten to the core'. The rest of it came down later during the day.

A strange beauty in its line, colours and texture.

Alan was to spend a portion of his day cutting a way through fallen trees which were blocking the lanes - 2 of our neighbours' ancient apples were uprooted, as was a tree on the road up by the church. Thank goodness for chainsaws heh?

The electricity had clicked off around 6.30 cutting the wind-baggy 'Today' programme off in mid - rant. Funny how silent the kitchen is without the hum of fridge and Aga. The power was restored some 18 hours later - long after we'd gone to bed and long after we'd given up trying to read by candle light. By now calm was largely restored too.

This morning other damage was revealed - not only has our neighbour lost 2 apple trees but his windmills are now 'ex' windmills and, oh dear, the greenhouse has rearranged itself.....
Apart from one of our newly planted trees leaning at a crazy angle we seem to have escaped - we're thankful for that.

And today? As meek and mild a day as you can imagine. Blue sky, fluffy clouds etc. And also these snowdrops - perhaps my favourite flower.

And primroses nestling in the grass - very early, too early, but a pretty sight.

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