Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mouse trouble

I think in blog-speak my predicament would go something like this: 'OMG *shriek!* - there's a *mouse* above my head LOL :-( '

Well, sort of.

From where I'm sitting I can hear the scritch-scratch of tiny feet, almost certainly those of a mouse, scampering between bedroom ceiling and studio floor. Above my head. The other sound I can hear - providing I give out a bossy loud shout of 'Stamp now!" - are those of Alan's feet clomping on the floor upstairs. Mouse-wise I figure that's a pretty scary noise. And for the meantime it seems to have worked.

But what I know, and what the mouse doesn't, is that sitting in the kitchen Even As We Speak is a job-lot of mouse traps. And Lindt milk chocolate for bait.

And here of course I have a problem......practicality versus sentimentality. Cute little beady eyes and twitchy whiskers versus scratching in the night chewed wires fire hazard.........


mspotter said...

Suggest you use a humane mousetrap and then take the little creatures to a nature reserve about 5 miles away (so they can't find their way back) and you get to eat the chocs in the car on the way. At the reserve they will find juicey berries and seeds galore or at worst help support the barn owl population. Could they be bank voles?

mountainear said...

Well, those barn owls need all the help they can get.
Don't think they're bank voles - there are pleanty of those further down the dingle. I'm sure they're rellies of the small twitching creature with beady eyes and long tail that dropped onto the foot of the bed - admittedly a while ago - and that was definately a mouse.