Wednesday, January 10, 2007

'carpe diem'

It's probably too early to be convinced that normal service has been resumed. There was no apparent cause for its disappearance a week ago, but as of 5.00pm this evening - again for no discernable reason - we're up and online again. So here I am, in the comfort of my own home, tapping away at the keyboard and casting a nervous and suspicious eye on what is, at present, a steady green light on the router. Who would believe that my connection had ever been gone?

It's a bit like the missing cat that on returning home, having spent several days lounging on silken cushions and lapping Jersey cream with the neighbours, gives a disdainful look, an insouciant shrug and mews 'Moi? So?'

(Note to self: must remember that inanimate things are just that - inanimate. This is just a router/computer/microfilter. No amount of shouting, pleading or praying will make a jot of difference. Neither come to that will any number of calls to BT at home or abroad.) Do I despair? Moi?

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