Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lunch today in a pub - The Blue Bell at Churchstoke. (This for reasons I won't bore you with.)

Difficult to say whether the pub is in England or Wales. I guess it straddles the border because, the story goes, back in the days when Wales was 'dry' on a Sunday and alcohol could still be bought in England, customers gagging for a drink would use the door in Shropshire....This tale led to other recollections of 'dry' Sundays; the 'booze bus' that brought customers from neighbouring Welsh towns to our little border villages where the ale still flowed freely. And all this is in recent memory. It's hard to imagine such prohibition now.

Outside The Blue Bell stand a pair of ancient petrol pumps - relics of the days when the landlord pulled not only pints but also gallons. The price on the dial is frozen at 4/3d per gallon - that's about 22p or just under 3p per litre.

PS - In fact 'twas all a bit of a time warp: meal, age of fellow diners and the fact that the sprouts must have been put on to boil shortly after Boxing Day..........but on the plus side a real boozy sherry trifle just like mother used to make - and not the sort of thing to be eaten in Wales on a 'dry' Sunday.
Sorry to admit I had two helpings......

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