Thursday, August 31, 2006

A V. Bad Dog

Oh dear, this is one bad dog. He is in deepest disgrace. He has murdered a hen.

A mis-judged flap for freedom from the hen-house-on-wheels and it landed in his maw. Alive to dead in a frenetic 15 seconds.
Now I can forgive the primal urge to hunt, point and retrieve - that's his job description - but not giving up his quarry to hand is very bad indeed.

So he is figuratively 'behind bars' and I am not for being swayed by those appealing toffee coloured eyes or the nudge of a cold wet nose. Or the wag of a tail. I shall bear my grudge a little longer.

On the plus side - I am ever the optimist - as we were diciplining the criminal and disposing of the still-warm corpse, John, Heather and Becky arrived with the stock trailer containing a cow who had recently given birth to twin calves. Mother and babes were decanted onto our field where they will be able to bond in peace and away from the rest of their herd.

So while we have lost a hen we have gained a cow and 2 wobbly legged calves and I'll get much pleasure seeing them get stronger day by day.

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