Friday, August 04, 2006

Today, from the garden we are mostly eating....beans

Here, looking more like a nest of vipers than a plate of beans, are the first of the crop.

Unlike us humans (human beans?) colour doesn't matter a jot and these beans, green and black have coexisted, side by side, in the same bed and will continue to do so even onto the plate.

I couldn't resist this, which I entitled, memorably, 'Waiting for the plums to ripen.jpg':

However, the moment my back was turned, a plum had been snatched and was speedily snarfed.

Strictly speaking these plums are Mirabelles - and anyone who's been to France in late summer/early autumn will have found the tiny golden fruit piled high on market stalls, lying be-wasped under trees and enjoyed delicious Tarte aux Mirabelles. If the brown dog leaves us any that will be something we'll be enjoying too.

Incidently, I caught the white dog grazing on the tomatoes in the greenhouse. (Bad Dog!) As if the normal run of pests and diseases weren't enough to contend with......

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