Friday, August 25, 2006

Don't play with your food....

Tonight we were mostly eating grilled chicken and ratatouille.

.....and here are the ingredients. All straight from the garden: food miles - nil, sense of achievement/satisfaction: enormous.

In the 10 minutes between gathering and preparing these knobbly vegetables I took a few pictures - and isn't food photography the hardest thing? I tried artfully arranged vegetables in the style of the Dutch Masters, vegetables as faces (tomato eyes, courgette lips and pepper nose...), vegetables lit, vegetables in the gloom, vegetables on granite, on wood and on limestone. I was having so much fun that getting back on track and into culinary mode took some effort, but eventually all was washed, chopped, sliced and simmered and we had vegetables on the table, on the plate and in the mouth. And they were good.


gridrunner said...

Nicely squared. Ah, I see what you've done now... :)

DanDuderino said...

Nice veggies!