Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sorted. A day in the life of a cow.

It has been a most confusing day for the cows here at Lower House. Their tranquil grazing was disturbed late morning by the hoots and hollers of John, Carl and Huw who eventually brought the various beasts down into the yard.

The cattle were, apparently, being 'sorted out' - whatever that means. To the untrained eye it seemed to involve herding cows and calves through one door and out of another, with a brief sojourn in between. There was much mooing - or 'bawling' as they say round here - as cows lost sight of calves and vice versa. That untrained eye of mine seemed to notice the same black cow going round several times.

And here she is, looking a tad suspicious don't you think? Not baffled as yet - as the day's activities had only just begun.

This took all afternoon - with both groups (men and cattle) taking stock - as it were - regrouping and advancing several times. Into the shed and out of the shed, through the yard and back again, a 'moo' here and a shout there. Then at an unseen signal the 'sorting' process was finished and the herd rushed down the lane to the farthest end of the farm's most inaccessible field lest the whole carousel begin again.

So it's quiet up here now, the evening sun casting golden light down the dingle where swallows are swooping low in their trawl for insects and the merest hint of a breeze is disturbing the leaves.

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