Tuesday, July 11, 2006

You want wasps?

So Camberwell has a shortage of wasps. That eloquent flaneur, The Eyechild blogs at length about their absence - that empty airy space wherein once a stripey bastard flew - sounding an almost wistful note......
Ah, happy, sunlit days when wasps drowned in our beer and all was well with the world. Pass the antihistamine.

Well, we've no shortage here judging by the numbers that have plagued my morning's jam making activity. (Raspberry since you ask.) Newly hatched, minging and amateurish critters, and I think, very early in the season. It doesn't bode well.

.......And I didn't know about the Lynx effect. (For full details you really should click the link above.) Although minor details of the incident have escaped over the years I hadn't heard the bit about the 'flame thrower'. As mother, homeowner and policyholder perhaps its just as well. Children, do not try that at home.

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