Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dan brought us some octopus - which looked pretty good on the plate. Tasted good too. Thanks Dan.


GRae_Esq said...

Hello "moutainnear"

Its Gazz here, Harrys friend from Heaton Moor.

Just wanted to say that since u moved away I quite regulary ask H how your doing, health of dogs, progess of Barn & veg patches etc! Harry eventually put me on2 ur blogspot & I find every post a joy to read, due to your rich vocabulary which brings me up to speed within the (now far away) world of Bevan!!

Keep posting & adding the piccies!

Keep up the good work, you dont know how nice it is to find someone "older" that knows how to use a PC! There could be hope for my Dad yet!

Take care
G Rae Esq

mountainear said...

Great to hear from you Gazz - I always ask for a Heaton Moor update from H & D - so you're not forgotten!

There's hope for all of us - it's just that the learning curves's such a steep climb if we didn't do compu'ing from birth.

Best wishes.

@nt said...

Dear Tops.,

Making another attempt to reply to you. AHAH! it turns out (in the very small print) that nobody using Explorer on a Mac can create a user account. Huh. So I'm off on Safari.

Good to talk to you last night. Soon's I put the phone down it was ringing again to tell me the bells and whistles were going off at the Gallery.

So keep those everydaystoriesofcountryfolk coming.

Love, @nt

mountainear said...

Welcome aboard....