Tuesday, July 25, 2006

One less.

Some time before dawn when all was silky black and the lanes and fields belonged to the night creatures, before the wood pigeons had kicked in with their hypnotic chant and before the cattle and sheep continued their perambulations, I looked out of our window.

It was the starriest night. Insert whichever starry-sky cliche you want to here (diamonds, twinkling lights etc etc) - it would be inadequate - no one could ever imagine that many diamonds strewn across the heavens. The Milky Way soared above my head, the Pleiades flickered to the north, constellations spread out into infinity. In a moment there was the dart of a falling star - huge and bright. How beautiful, but remember it's someone, something's dying light. I was priviledged to catch that moment.

I remembered I should make a wish but couldn't think of what to wish for - crazy that when there's so many 'good causes' both personal and global. In the end I formulated a somewhat pathetic wish which will remain a secret.

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