Friday, July 14, 2006

'Mojo Workout'

As I write this the light is fading slowly and the landscape is suffused with a soft and golden glow. The end of a beautiful day on Long Mountain.
From my window I can see these two wonderful fellows. (I took these photographs earlier - shortly after they arrived.) The piece is called 'Mojo Workout' and is the work of sculptor Lucy Kinsella. The scale is marvellous and I would like to think they were made to sit our landscape. Close to they are so tactile - one can feel the mark of the maker's hand - the fingers' squeeze, push and spread of soft clay making fur and sinew. Energetic and exhuberant they are the essence of the enigmatic and mysterious hare. I'm still so unfamilliar with them that a glimpse catches me by suprise. Now in this flat evening light they are steely outlines - but in tomorrow's light I know they will come to life again; poised flingers of punches.

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