Sunday, January 11, 2009

'Oh No he isn't....'

'Oh Yes, he is.....'

Or more correctly - 'Oh Yes they are' and 'Oh Yes it is.' That time of the year has rolled around again - the Young Farmers' Drama competition is imminent. Eeek! The fun begins? Not.

This year the set piece is pantomime and our lot, Chirbury and Marton, have chosen 'The Cow that gave the Golden Milk' which can be given a suitable agricultural slant. They have given themselves barely a month to get from tonight's mumbled read-through to 'the' competition performance on stage in Whitchurch.

I'm there as a willing slave to our producer Maureen - to paint scenery and produce props - if asked nicely I'll help with sound and publicity too. Our cold old village hall will seem like a second home as days are taken up with building and painting and evenings with rehearsals. I'll be wishing the next month away just to put an end to the agony; pantomime is my least favourite form of theatre. On the plus side the young people are great fun and I know there will be some laughs and memorable moments along the way.

PS I don't expect to like it any more come the middle of February either.


Pondside said...

Well it all sounds very much like something out of a novel - there aren't any old village halls, pantomimes or Young Famers over here. There's 4H but I've never heard of the doing anything like this. You are a good sport, Moutainear!

Fennie said...

Well done you. Didn't know you were another drama fan! We don't do pantomimes here though sometimes I wish we did. We are doing Outside Edge - a cricketing play for the end of March for some reason. I play a horrid character. I was just going to be prompt, but, like you, my arm was twisted.

Onion said...

Hello Mountainear (and Wilson, of course),
Just to say, THANK YOU for saying hello to my master in the restaurant! He was delighted,and came home and looked at the lovely pictures of Wilson and the Onion Light again and it made him very happy!
Hope you had a tasty meal!
Big lick,

KittyB said...

I love painting scenery for plays, I'm a much better painter than actor! But why is it always freezing cold in the village hall when you go to paint? Frozen fingers make finer details impossible. Good luck with it all, sounds like fun.