Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another 6 Random Things...

The lovely chrish has tagged me to write 6 random things about myself.....

1. I would quite like to be the Queen for an afternoon - not to satisfy a predilection for fresh paint but just so I know how to walk down a flight of steps unaided - that's without clutching a handrail or proffered arm. She walks down the middle of the flight steadily and in heels; probably whilst talking to someone whose first language is not English and appearing interested in their every nervous word. She's 82 years old and in this respect at least is an example to us all.

2. I wish I were taller:
'5ft 2, Eyes of blue. But, Oh! what those five feet could do....'
.....Or not. I wish I were at least 10cms taller. Top shelves in supermarkets, trousers which don't need turning up. You get the drift.
'5ft 4 - could do more etc etc.'
3. Back in the day, Miss FW Hare - the Scariest Headmistress Ever - had a thing about School Shoes. Now I realise that School Shoes are a thing of the past in these enlightened and Croc -footed times, but way back then, and especially if Miss FW Hare had an eye on your feet, round toed lace-ups would be on the shopping list. Good sensible shoes. A grim prospect indeed. A short film was shown to the innocents of of the Upper Third warning of the perils of the winklepicker and the stiletto heel - spawn of the Devil himself - which would result in:
'Bunions like onions
and toes like bunches of grapes...'
Eek! To this day I am unable to walk past a Clark's shoe shop, purveyors of sensible shoes, without hearing that horrid refrain....

4. Seeing the Aurora Borealis. Being the eldest child has its advantages perhaps: I remember being raised from my bed, aged maybe 5 or 6, and wrapped in my father's old duffel coat to be carried though the woods to see the Aurora Borealis. We lived in mid-Warwickshire and I know now that such a sighting this far south would be exceptional. My little brothers were left tucked in their cots. Thanks.

5. I love the smell of rain on parched earth.

6. I have decided that enough is enough. No more tags. I declare this a tag-free zone. Thanks for asking anyway.

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bodran... said...

I'm off to do my homework now xx

Wipso said...

I'm rather glad you're 5 foot 2 or we probably would have never met.

Rachel said...

School shoes! Aaaargh! The horror! Beetle crushers, to be worn with bullet-proofs (regulation stockings; I won't say anything about the knickers....) Thanks for the memory - I think.

Pam said...

I did my tag - I knicked yours and put my asnwers to it. Thanks for asking :-)

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