Friday, March 28, 2008

Credit where credit is due.

The eyechild is posting a series of 'Thursday Thugs'. Interesting idea eyechild. Very interesting indeed - and frankly more thought provoking than most 'Wordless Wednesdays' and 'favorite photo Fridays'. We're strangers to the like of Frankie Fraser in these parts thank goodness. In Shropshire the 18th century had Jack Mytton - who might suffice in the 'mad, bad and dangerous to know' category. Curiously the County Council has named a footpath after him - 'The Jack Mytton Way' - as if he were the sort of man whose lead you would wish to follow. If you have a few moments do click the link above and read about his life - which is larger than - erm, life. Would make a good bio-pic I think.

Anyway, I thought I might just redress the balance and thank the ordinary people who, this week, have made a difference to my life.

We'll start with the lady arranging the Easter flowers in a beautiful Welsh church on Saturday afternoon, who got down from her ladder and not only answered my questions but emailed me later on to follow up my query with information of her own. A little beyond the call of duty - a favour in the favour bank I think. Thank you.

Then yesterday at Weston Park in Staffordshire - home to the 'V Festival, the Midlands Game Fair and numerous other events. A big place. 1000 acres, deer, 'Capability' Brown Landscape etc. - you get the picture. It's an attractive country estate, now held in trust by the Weston Park Foundation, but latterly was home to the Earls of Bradford. We enjoyed Paul Stamper's lecture about the 'History of Farming' (excellent by the way), lunch (delicious) and a walk round the grounds and the mansion. One might argue that the staff there were only doing their jobs in making visitors welcome - but we did feel, in the house in particular, that we were having our own private guided tour. Nothing was too much trouble. Customer service and customer satisfaction = 10 out of 10.

Finally, full marks to United Utilities who, long distance and without being jobs-worths sorted out the Problem with the Drain in Stockport, (and thanks to Rod the rodder too who actually did the dirty work). It seems that we're so used to bland officialdom or tick-box help desks that when the voice at the end of the phone is human and caring it is a pleasant surprise. Off-shore call centres please take note.

It's the small stuff isn't it, that really makes a difference?


elizabethm said...

And how nice to have thank yous said too! My particular thank you goes to the radiographer who did my barium enema the other w
day with such sensitivity, tact and good sense I felt like giving her a medal. It is too easy to focus on the reasons for a good moan sometimes.
Is it getting any more spring like where you are? Would still love to see your garden when it is not chucking down.

Elizabethd said...

Its easy to forget to appreciate these good moments.How nice to think about them. Your flower lady sounds charming. It's what my mother used to call 'going the extra mile'.

Fennie said...

Oh yes you are so right about the human touch - something that small businesses can give, but which has largely been forgotten elsewhere.
At Dyrham Park last week we saw this collection of farm wagons. It was amazing to think how every single component was handmade. The wood shaped and scalloped simple for decoration and love. Now, as you say, we live in a fast, tick the box world.

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

It is the little things that can make the biggest difference and you taking the time and trouble to notice when people do make a difference is right up there with all the other people that care.

Faith said...

Lots of good people in the world but if only more people would be so helpful and nice as the ones you mention.

LittleBrownDog said...

Have just left the Wikipedia entry on Mad Jack Mytton reeling! Makes Frankie Fraser look positively monochrome in comparison. Yes, the quieter life for me, too, and those small kindnesses that accumulate to make one feel the world is perhaps a good place after all.

Cait O'Connor said...

That is a beautiful flower photo on your previous blog.

Your Roll of Honour, great idea.

bodran... said...

It is such a treat when you need help to be spoken to by a humanbeing..Hope to see you soon x

My Chutney Garden said...

What a lovely idea to put out thank yous like that. It's like putting out good energy. I know that sounds new age-ish but it's true that the human touch can make or break your day.
Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your life. I tried to imagine the lady in the church in
Wales- lovely!

kissa said...

You are so right it is the little things that are so nice, doors held open, a smile and a cheery hello from a stranger.