Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Today we have had rain. Good Rain.

Wisps of cloud wind across Badnage Wood. A wonderful brightness grows in the land and from the fresh green. Parched soil sucks in the wet and I inhale something so fresh (yet so familiar) that my excited heart gives the smallest leap. As moisture seeps ever downward, I feel - if I tried very hard and with nose and ear to earth - I could detect the worm's passage, the stirring legless bug, the plod of beetle and crack as cased seeds break. I would whisper 'Come out now all you shoots and green things, it's Spring. Come out to play!'


Timothy Carter said...

Ahh, rain. We could use some of that here in Toronto, Canada. It's muggy and humid right now.

mutterings and meanderings said...

have you had rainbows? I am thinking about blogging about rainbows today!

mountainear said...

TC from Toronto - Hi there! - this has been refreshing rain - here on our clay soil I've been planting seeds in dust or amidst rocky lumps; a triumph of hope over experience.

M&M - No, no rainbows but wish we had - just loads of grey. But then it's quite amazing how many greys drift by in the course of a day - that's pretty good too. And tonight's sunset was a crazy pink.....we'll see what tomorrow brings.