Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Busy doing nothing....

Hmm. Quite nice to be sitting here in a wearied and trance-like state. pleix is playing (I clicked on 'netlag') which reinforces the other worldliness of now. I suspect my mouth is open gormlessly and were I 100% awake I'd be on the q.v. for flies. Just in case.

There have been Things To Do over the last few days - non were important with the exception of having our small neighbour to sleepover on Saturday, and making sure there was enough food, beer and money in the fridge for Monday's welcome visitors. Just time-consuming, tiring stuff.

So. Washing weeding watering waiting. Digging, delving, shoppin', hoppin' and skipping! A day in Shrewsbury with a neighbour's newly arrived Chinese wife - who is otherwise in isolation here at the end of our lane with only the t'internet for company.... And Marton Treasure Hunt which somehow took up 4 afternoons, 1 evening, 80 miles, 68 questions, some dreadful doggerel and a post with a ribbon on it. Between times I've got out my pens and scale ruler and designed a small parterre garden - and in doing so rediscovered some rusty skills. I've another plot to see next weekend. This begins to look dangerously like an occupation.

Now? The air's cool. There's been a little rain and quite a lot of wind. The bean 'frame' has fallen down and some more asparagus has come up. The new week stretches out ahead like a clean sheet onto which small chores are already encroaching like weeds.

Tomorrow: pick up trousers, wash car.

Tonight. Now. Bed.

PS - And this is one of the best bits: there are now 4 orchids flowering in the lane.

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