Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Full moon

There's a big old amber moon lumbering up in the southern sky.

I drive home slowly from the village with my eyes cast over to the left to check it's still there. Stupid. I know it's still there. I must concentrate on the ribbon of road. I pause in gateways to spy more easily at its greatness and then drive on.

But then I turn towards the north and my heart skips a beat when a single orange eye meets mine in the mirror. An glare that is not from the eye of man nor beast, but is the sharp and singular gaze of the moon.

I am suddenly very alone and very small at the top of this low mountain, on my drive home. I feel this planet has somehow got the better of me. Are we playing cat and mouse?


Lizzie said...

We each did posts about the moon yesterday, Mountainear! I took a photograph of it as I too drove home but it didn't work on screen very well.

Eurodog said...

Full moon the other day and the doggies at the dog club where I work here in Brussels - yes, I am the visitor from Brussels - were very nervous and not very obedient. They are very sensitive to climatic or magnetic changes. Thunderstorms are being forecast for the week end and the built up to storms drives the dogs potty.

mountainear said...

Doesn't the moon rouse all our atavistic instincts and fears, we who think were are so cool and urbane?

eurodog: Dogs (and maybe other animals too) who 'see' through their noses must sense so much more of the natural world around them.

'The brilliant smell of water,
The brave smell of a stone,
The smell of dew and thunder,
The old bones buried under,
Are things in which they blunder
And err, if left alone.'

(from G K Chesterton's 'Song of Quoodle')

And lizzie - I've tried photogrpahing the moon too without success. I still keep trying.

mutterings and meanderings said...

I have never been bale to take a clear picture of the moon - or the nortehrn lights when I saw them the year before last.

The moon is a fab deity ...

mountainear said...

My initials being FAB I'd agree with that!

Marianne said...

Lovely piece of writing. I too find the moon powerful and inspiring. I always feel sad when it wanes, and during the dark of the moon. The most beautiful sight is a tiny crescent moon, followed by the full moon in all its glory illuminating the night sky and casting a ghostly light on our world. I think I feel a blog coming on!