Sunday, April 01, 2007

We see the sun at last.

Phew. That pesky fog lifted and our spirits have soared. Man, beast, bird; we're bawling, bellowing, barking and crowing in celebration. Hurrah. The sun has got 'is 'at on.

And I've got my hat with ear flaps on too because while I can feel the sun it's also windy and not particularly warm. But I can see the sky and it's blueblueblue.

Close my eyes and I hear: the wind through the trees in the dingle, a curlew over there somewhere, goldfinches chitteringchattering up in the sycamores, the faint mew of a buzzard over the fields at Fir House and the various bleats and baas of sheep and lambs all around us.*

I've planted a few seeds in the warmth of the greenhouse: tomatoes, peppers, aubergine, leeks and celeriac. There's such promise in these dry little grains - hard to believe that one's vegetable harvest can be held in the palm of the hand in April. Remind myself we've a way to go yet. More haste less speed etc.

And here's Wilson just enjoying being a dog in the sunshine. The other dog, the brave hunting dog, is poised beside the Henhouse on Wheels, 'pointing' Mrs Black and the 3 Mrs Browns. He has been there for about 2 hours. They, safe within their pen are now oblivious to him. Silly dog.

*Carl told us today that they've lambed over 1700 sheep and there are about 150 still enceinte. My back-of-envelope figuring makes that about 3,500 lambs this spring.....No surprise then that at every turn we see sheep - and lambs learning the serious art of being sheep. Treasure those brief hop, skip and jump, king of the castle moments - they're brief. Next stop lamb chops...

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