Friday, April 13, 2007

Lake Vyrnwy

Just one quick picture from our travels into deepest (darkest?) Wales on Wednesday. This is Lake Vyrnwy, about 20 miles to the west of us. In the spring sunshine it was a beautiful place to be. Surprisingly it was almost deserted, very few cars and only a few cyclists pedalling around the lake.

We drove on over a single track road - also deserted - through some spectacular scenery to Dinas Mawddwy - which I thought was A Very Strange Place Indeed. Very 'Little Britain'. If the 'only gay in the village' had walked into the pub, along with the projectile vomiters, I would not have been at all surprised. Please do not ask me to pronounce 'Mawddwy'. It is not as it seems.


roffe said...

Hi!Nice photo.. Greetings from Norway..

mountainear said...

Hi roffe - glad you like it. It was such a beautiful place that a bad photograph would have been difficult to take!