Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The writing on the tree

These intitials and the date, 1959, are carved into the larger of our 2 beech trees which stand on the bank at the back of the barn. They were carved, I believe, by Malcolm Trow's Uncle Percy who farmed at Lower House until its sale in the late 90's. Sadly Percy Bowen died on the very day of the sale and thus never enjoyed retirement in the usual sense.

The Bowens must have been quite an extensive family as we are often told about Uncle Percy and Aunt Susan by various nephews and nieces who spent their youth pitching hay and feed in the room which is now our bedroom.

The initials are also those of my son who was not born until 1977 - in 1959 he was probably eeking out an existense in a previous incarnation. Perhaps he was a bird, or a king or a tree. Who knows?

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The Eyechild said...

I was a yearling gull, actually.