Sunday, March 12, 2006

White World

Snow fell overnight and we woke this morning to a white world. Skeletal trees are in stark contrast and hedge and ditch are black ribbons trailing across the landscape. The sky is leaden. Little colour to be found anywhere- the pink of a chaffinch's breast is a bright splash against the sombre monochrome.

Our neighbouring sheep wore not only a woolly overcoat but also one of snow - which shows how well insulated they are. Their lambs picked their way most gingerly through the snow which came up to their knees. As we lay in bed John and Heather came and moved them from the little field and put them in the yard where they can get some shelter. The ewes are protesting vociferously at present as they do not like this arrangement. Someone tell them that It Is For Their Own Good.

PS - and this is open for debate with the Flat Earth Society (if indeed they still exist - and if they don't they should do...). Doesn't it look as if the dog is standing on his own little planet? 'Le Petit Prince' comes to mind. Just substitute bull terriers for aviators.


Nuno Maranhão said...

Welcome to Blogger! =)

The Eyechild said...

Either that or the Clangers.

mountainear said...

Had completely forgotten about the Clangers (mercifully).