Saturday, March 25, 2006

Questions, questions...

Over the mountain last night to the Westbury School PTA "Bangers 'n Mash Quiz Night'!! Which was, in the event, a great deal of fun - give or take the humiliation of not knowing the answers to some quite obvious questions. It was definately an advantage to have watched a lot of TV quiz shows and memorised theme tunes from the 60's - which we hadn't - so points were lost there. Quite good (suprisingly) on Religion. But did you know that the patron saint of dentists is St Apollonia? Hmm, me neither.

Needless to say we didn't win - but, hey, it's the taking part that matters.

A number of our old neighbours foregathered and it was good to catch up with some gossip - just the stuff that makes the world go round, nothing profound. The usual stuff.......holidays families pets. Not so long a go an evening like this would have been as unlikely as a trip to the moon!

Bowled back home across the Long Mountain through pouring rain. There's still a bit of snow left on the roadsides right on the top. Looked across the Rea Valley towards Snailbeach and Bromlow Callow at the lights from the scattered farms and houses twinkling in the distance. Otherwise blackness - and the patter of rain.

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