Sunday, April 09, 2006

The triumph of hope over experience...

Plates have been licked clean. All has been eaten. Dogs are not fed at table anyway.
But hey, it's still worth a try....

This powerful cloudscape soared over the little field at dusk last evening, rolling in from the southeast.

We were unsure whether we would get frost or thunder - so covered up the peach and nectarine in case it was the former.

We woke to sunshine and the promise of a beautiful day. However as the day progressed we had wind, rain, sleet and snow in rapid succession. Needless to say the snow didn't settle although we can see it white on the mountains to the west.

For the record I took shelter in the greenhouse and sowed tomato seed; yesterday, peppers. Alan, who yesterday had planted his 40 asparagus plants, moved on to preparing the last of the raised beds.

Dan and Harry arrived late afternoon to eat with us - and get a breathe of our alien country air!

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