Thursday, April 27, 2006

Had my hair done today - and thank you once again to Michelle and Gareth of 'Toni and Guy' in Shrewsbury for the amazing transformation. Went in feeling a wreck, came out feeling - well, less like someone who lives on the side of a mountain and more like a sleek and well groomed hooman-bean. Had to remind myself that although I spend my live contemplating soil, seeds, sheep and potatoes the finer things should not be neglected. Therefore felt able to buy 2 pairs of trousers, a jacket, a t shirt and 2 pairs of twinkly shoes. (None of which are in the least bit agri or hort-cultural). And did I feel better for that?

The feeling of being part of the wider world dissipated somewhat when I was unable to get an A1 colour copy made in Shrewsbury - many other combinations available, most of which would involve nifty work with a roll of sellotape to achieve my end. (Decided there and then to present the 'Cow Parade' ideas to the Young Farmers in a folio sleeve and hope they are so stunned by the brilliant concept that they miss the amateurish presentation.)

Eventually got so fed up with trudging from copy shop to copy shop, toting bags of shoes and shirts etc, that I turned tail and made my way back to the end of the Long Mountain.

...........where the sun was shining and the birds were singing. A ewe suckled her lambs and the first violets were out in the lane. (Have I mentioned how the landscape is loud with bird song? The curlews have a particularly eery call.) Sat for a while on the step and contemplated the garden - how green everything is suddenly, and growing by the day.

Tom's been with us for the last couple of days - taking in this rural idyll which is a far cry from the cacophony of Camberwell.
Lovely, lovely to see him. Come back soon.

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