Friday, February 06, 2015

To Ludlow

I'm guessing that the planets are optimally aligned - there's nothing in either diary, the weather is fair and crikey, we're both in need of time out. Amazingly a free day has presented itself. (You'd never guess that neither of us work for a living) I'm not sure how we ever found the time - it's so hard to find an hour or two to enjoy our surroundings. I have been out 6 evenings in the last seven and I wouldn't describe any of those 'outs' as anything more than dutiful. So time for r 'n' r. All aboard the skylark!

The Glam Ass is always up for a trip to Ludlow.  It is, as Pevsner remarked, ' of the best loved, best preserved and most aesthetically pleasing towns in Britain.' It's noted nationally for its foodie credentials, both as a place to eat and a place where good foods are available and appreciated.

It takes about 40 minutes for us to drive there and today I drive a little more cautiously than usual - the temperature is barely above freezing and there may be ice on the road. Not one of my favourite roads, it bends and twists - definitely not devised by a modern planner.  I wonder was it originally a winding trail made by beasts on the way to market, a route avoiding puddles, potholes and pitfalls which was only slightly improved with the coming of the turnpike.

We shop. Good cheeses, partridge, pastries - and fish from the most excellent fish van in the market. When one's marketing is limited to a very average high street the choice of fresh produce is tempting and thus we are succumb; partridge; cheeses rolled in ash and cheeses that, frankly, pong. That's you I'm looking at Stinking Bishop. We buy the biggest Cox in Ludlow (ooh missis!) and non edibles too; anemones of Tudor shades, velvet rich, with black button centres. (Come on, you're surely watching Wolf Hall?) Oh, and a jacket for me. Coral, short, pleated and Japanese. Basically because I'm worth it. And because I anticipate warmer days and maybe, as be agreed in the shop, co-ordinating items of navy, grey or black will be needed. We all should have a plan.

Anyway, tonight we have paella with our fishy haul from Ludlow, with a taste of cheese to follow:

And apropos of nothing a picture of one of Ludlow's gems, a carving from the medieval misericord in St Lawrence Church.

There are more like this. What gems. Come see.


rachel said...

We are googling Ludlow right now. And travel times and distances. And places to stay...... Oh dear! All your fault......

mountainear said...

Come see us - I'll find you ancient churches and tea rooms! When? When? When?

Frances said...

Oh Mountaineer, I so enjoyed this it brought back memories of my own visit to Ludlow back in 2013. I can tell why you'd want to brave the icy road to get there, and what fun it was to bring home the delicious edibles...and that Japanese jacket.

I still regret not seeing you in Ludlow. Next time? Or perhaps I'll actually spend time on the other side of the border.


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Oh , how fine ! A day full of treats is vital in February to haul us through the ragged ends of winter .
The coral jacket sounds lovely . You will need to have vases of tulips around when you're wearing it to set you off .

Kirsty.A said...

We tried Stinking Bishop on our Christmas Day cheeseboard. General consensus? Yes, he is!

Pondside said...

I have such good memories of a day with Jane in Ludlow. Tea, a great bookstore, the castle and more tea and wandering the streets. Wonderful memories.