Saturday, February 07, 2015


At dusk or thereabouts I closed the pop-hole of the hen-house-on-wheels. Inside the birds made their crooning, settling down sounds. Hen-talk for 'sleep well.'  All is still and silent and as it should be. Not a breathe; hushed perhaps by the dank mist which has hung over the Long Mountain today.

I stand on the field a while and contemplate the sky. It's pink - not just a slick of cerise on the western horizon but a pale wash in which colour hangs in heavy air, north, south, east and west. Such is the light there is no other colour in the world tonight.


Frances said...

Beautifully described, Mountaineer. xo

Pondside said...

A peaceful moment. I can close my eyes and imagine/

Tattie Weasle said...


Emma said...

having trouble finding you, but thought you may like to know, Holy Trinity church in Middleton that you visited and wrote about is having a flower festival to celebrate the lovely carvings by Waldgrave Brewser. if you search for the church page on facebook, you should find it, but its on 19th - 21 June. thank you!

Marianne said...

Lovely words Mountainear but nothing for a while?

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