Thursday, October 20, 2011

Well known phrases and sayings - No. 9

Make do and Mend.

These are straitened times indeed - and however much I would like a shiny new fridge I'm just going to have to have the old one repaired. Just like we always did in the olden days.

A visit from Mr Whirlpool and his lad and now it is as good as new - or will be next week when the engineer remembers to bring the spare part for the ice-maker. He did replace the compressor fan though so now instead or a noise like a helicopter hovering in the corner there is a gentle and livable-with hum. Sorted. And did I mention 'shiny'? Well Mr Whirlpool had just the thing; a stainless steel polishing kit - mine for only a staggering sum. After he's polished half a door and showed me the erm, staggering results, how could I refuse? So now with a little elbow grease I will, once again, have the working fridge of my dreams.

Why though do I not feel a cozy satisfied glow at having saved myself something like 800 smackers but instead come over all disgruntled that some miniscule parts out of grubby cardboard boxes should cost me in excess of £200?

Next week I will tackle the issue of the broken food processor lid. To glue or not to glue? That is the question.

Talking of questions - just how like Cointreau will my newly made Orange Liqueur be? Will it be a good substitute?

'Not very.' I hear you mutter at the back - and I am inclined to agree.

But never mind, it's a cheering thing to make on a grey old day. A bit like bottling sunshine.

Margaret H kindly copied out her recipe for me so I do feel I must give it a go. Gin (Tanner's finest Hereford Dry), sugar and citrus zest to be shaken daily for 3 weeks. I don't think it is going to be something to be glugged copiously - a bit like Cointreau in that respect - but sipped genteely in a ladylike manner. I wonder if it would make a good long drink with tonic and clinking cubes of ice.

Ah yes, ice cubes. Roll on next Thursday when Mr Whirlpool promises to call with another grubby cardboard carton. Perhaps I'll feel a bit better about the mending process then.


elizabethm said...

It will definitely be the perfect substitute, certainly by the time you are on your third. I do know what you mean about the cost of repairs. I always feel they should be close to free or at least the sort of price which doesn't feel close to the cost of a new one.

rachel said...

Oh, do pass on the recipe! I have a bit of gin left over from the sloe gin-making event, and as a non-drinker, don't know what to do with it.

I freecycled the old fridge yesterday, and have a warm virtuous glow as a result (and some relief at not having to lug it to the tip myself). I love Make Do and Mend days, but what really upsets me is that it costs more to have a duvet washed or dry-cleaned than to buy a new one.....

Frances said...

Perhaps I have always been a bit skeptical about promises of products' gleam, but I just like basics that work well, for a long, long time.

It was only last year that my landlord granted me a fridge that had auto defrost. Such bliss I have enjoyed over the past 11 months!

No food processor to be found in my minuscule kitchen. If I had more room, I know that I would love one.

Orangy liqueurs I do love, particularly in the chilly nights of winter, but would never think of making my own.

Bet that yours will be much more delicious than any French versions I find in my local shop.

Rambling here, and I have not even been to the wine shop. xo

Pondside said...

At the very least it will be wonderful poured over ice cream!

Kirsty.a said...

The problem is that aying for repairs leaves you with what you should have had before. Buying new gives you It just doesn't feel like a saving, does it?

Preseli Mags said...

Well it looks fabulous (the orange liqueur) and I wish I could smell it too. I'm impressed with the make do and mend fridge. It just proves the importance of buying something good quality in the first place. I can't wait to hear how the liqueur turns out.

Zoƫ said...

Still got my 25 year old Bosch fridge and a freezer whirring away in the garage - dread the day they conk out.

I tried a similar recipe last Year using lemons and vodka to make a sort of Limoncello.

Makes great ice cream sauce if nothing else! Also works well with cream as you would make a Rum or Brandy Cream - can imagine the oranges would work well with mince pies?

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Being mean .... I prefer to call it careful! .... I resent replacing anything . If I'm lashing hundreds out , I want something I haven't had before , not another fridge or toaster .
So , though I appreciate the new , non-headbanging washing machine , I do rather miss the 500 Euros I had to part with to get it !