Friday, December 17, 2010

Same old. Same old.

I stand up on the field shortly after 8.00am - hen-letting-out-time - and watch as another band of gritty snow bowls in from the north west. It is strangely bleakly beautiful up here at the end of the Long Mountain when the landscape is reduced to a palette of  black and white and grey. The snow has muffled sound as well - there is the merest murmur of a breeze in the conifers of Badnage Wood and the urgent cackles of poultry that is in and wishes (so far) to be out.

I can spare a moment to stand and stare, take a photo or two before stuffing the camera back into a dusty pocket and getting on with the job in hand. I'm wrapped up nice and warm, thank you. Several mis-matched layers and pair of new warm wellies. Gloves, hat, scarf and wes'kit complete the ensemble. Thank goodness the style police can't make it as far as Trelystan.

There is every possibility though that if we make it out of Trelystan today even we won't make it back. A brief trip down to Welshpool in the pick-up is a hairy-scary ride on glassy roads - snow over ice. We are right to be fearful of the dreaded Leighton Bank - the road that gritters forget and where the sun never reaches. The Glam Ass is made of stern stuff and relishes a few slithers. Me? You know I'm an utter wimp and would have turned back long ago. Or is it more to do with men being the risk takers?

We reach Welshpool safely (hurrah!) and get the shopping. Gravity will take us downhill but will we be able to get enough traction to make the uphill journey? We come home via a different route which isn't too bad. Coming down our lane proves hazardous - which is why the afternoon sees Trelystan's gritting team (self and GA) raiding the grit heap and throwing said grit liberally on the sheet ice. Are we now part of the 'Big Society?

 One of a flock of Field Fares looking fairly peeved in the morning's snow storm

The Christmas tree is up and dressed and sparkles in the corner - I'm going to sit in front of the stove, bask in its warmth, and enjoy a few quiet moments looking at the lights and their reflections.

Plenty to do -no time for sitting really. We have a 'bit of a do' on Sunday - will any of our guests be able to get here is the question?


Twiglet said...

You are braver than we are. We didn't venture down our snowy lane. I shall have to go down to the post tomorrow - do I go for skis or spiked climbing boots!!

Kirsty.a said...


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I agree ! The Field Fare photo is gorgeous .
Good luck with all the hither and thither these next few days .

(As far as I know , the style police will not countenance any alternative to layers , weskit and wellies at this time of year . Chilblained knees are so unstylish .)

Pam said...

The pictures of the bird and Christmas tree were lovely! Thanks for posting those.

Jayne said...

Whimp here also, not keen on slithering about on ice.
Tree looks lovely.

Frances said...

I'm another fan of that Field Fare photo. No brave and pretty little round birds like that around here. Just beautiful.

Well done on being part of the 2-person grit team! When I look at your marvelous photos and think wow, how wonderful is that landscape, I so thank you for bringing me back to a truer reality. Your kingdom is magnificent, but does require skills, patience, strength and humor that folks outside that kingdom might not easily acquire.

Bravo to you and GA. xo

Wipso said...

Glad you've travelled safely. It all looks so very pretty from the inside of the window with a lovely log burner going but it's all so cold and unfriendly actually being out in it. Hope you have a wonderful festive time and manage to stay warm and cosy.
A x

Nikki-ann said...

More snow last night and today... I hope you've stocked up well with essentials! I love the photos :)

Pondside said...

By now your 'do' will be done, and I hope it was a success. No snow hereabouts but lots of rain and wind. I don't mind a green Christmas at all!