Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In which 'rough winds do shake' etc, etc. Again

I've gone out and shaken my fist and the calendar at the sky - which is, once again, tenebrous. Perhaps you heard me shouting 'It's May, nearly June, for Heaven's sake! Get a grip. Be gone you clouds and wicked winds. Bring me sunshine!'

Maybe I should have left those tomatoes and squash in the greenhouse for another week. Look at them now, shivering their roots off down the garden, almost horizontal in the face of a biting wind.

The hens are making the most of it although I know they detest these feather-turning winds. I'm gladdened to see them hunkered down behind the windbreak I made specifically for days like these. I notice that the Lesser Cockerel - the one that is losing the battle for position as King Rooster stands alone - on the windward side of the windbreak. Not particularly bright of him,; perhaps it is as well he probably won't get the chance to pass on the 'stoopid' genes.

I know, I'll light the log burner. The house feels cold - we turned off the Aga a few days ago. It gobbles gas at a prodigious rate and by clicking the 'off' switch we can at least save a few pounds. The downside is that now it sits, a vast block of cold cast iron, giving off, well, coldness. A cold-iator. Brrr.

......later that same day. Warm at last. The dogs and I are sprawled by the fire's side. It doesn't help my infant tomatoes of course, but maybe the weather will be better for them tomorrow.


Twiglet said...

Good forecast for the weekend so fingers crossed. We seem to catch the wind up here too. My rather leggy french beans are leaning a bit.

Rachel said...

And what was it you were saying to me about it being God's own country, mountainear?? Sounds awfully like the North East to me!

If I waited for the weather, nothing would ever go in the ground, which is why I have so many things growing under cloches or upturned plastic bottles. Not an attractive look, but gives 'em a fighting chance. Maybe I can set them free around July at this rate.

Zoƫ said...

Hate to tell you, its balmy and warm here with the showers at night. Fair bit of sunshine too! I'll send you some.

Nikki-ann said...

Somebody obviously heard you because there's not a cloud in sight!

Pam said...

I'm trying really hard to be sympathetic but it's 89 degrees here & humid as hell. A mosquitoes paradise. I'd love a bit of cool and windy weather right now.
I hope you planted your tomatoes half-way up the stems!

Cait O'Connor said...

Strange weather isn't it? Warm one day, cold the next. We have been lighting our log burner some evenings. But it is meant to be warm tomorrow and a hot weekend.

muddyboots said...

glorious weather here this morning and forecast for weekend, finger crossed eh?

Anil P said...

If could I would've sent a slice of Indian summer your way :-)

It is burning bright here.