Monday, March 30, 2009

Reasons to be cheerful.....

Let's celebrate - let's have a party. Let's have peanuts and party poppers!

We'll hold it on Saturday in the Village Hall. We can't say it's a celebration though because officially we've nothing to celebrate until Monday. Better call it a Games Night then.Oh dear. For a party-pooper like me that's about as enticing as a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Never mind, I'll help run the bar which we're not having either.

So there we were 2 nights ago in Marton's dusty and decrepit Hall, skittling, hoopla-ing and shoving ha'pennies - or in my case skulking in the other room. Eventually, when all the teams of 4 have played every game, the scores are totted up and a winner is declared. Team 'H' were the lucky winners. Then it's time to set about some serious eating - there's a magnificent spread laid out in the back room.

But first there is an announcement to make. (Of course it's not really an announcement - because until Monday we have nothing to announce etc etc. blah, blah.)

The real winners, as the Chairman of the Village Hall Committee 'announced', are the people of Marton - the much needed new Hall - 5 years in the planning - will soon become a reality. Our Lottery bid has been successful and, with the addition of other monies received in the form of local grants, means that work can now go ahead.

What's more - the news has just been on Radio Shropshire so it must be official at last. Hurrah!


Pondside said...

Congratulations on getting the money for the new hall.
You do realize, don't you, that you've outed yourself as a serious party girl in this post?

Preseli Mags said...

Hurrah for the new hall and well done on getting the money.

(You confused me a bit, though. I kept reading "Marton" as "Matron" and thinking a bit "Carry On". If you read it that way, 'Matron's dusty and decrepit Hall' takes on a whole new meaning! ... I'll get my coat... (embarrassed emoticon needed here)!

muddyboots said...

hurray for the new hall, do you know they don't play skittles up here, they just don't know what they are missing!

Diary Farmer said...

It seemed to me that it was the worst kept secret in Marton. It was enjoyable sitting on the sidelines just chilling - enough food there to feed ten armies. Mrs D F was wondering what happened to to her chocolate cake! If anyone out there has it, can you save her a slice.
Another reason to be cheerful - it's good to have the light nights back!!!

Totty Teabag said...

Congratulations on getting the funding, and as for being a party-pooper; you must know that the best people at parties are always found in the kitchen ..

Nikki-ann said...

Congrats! I saw the news about the grant in the Shropshire Star... Brilliant news! :)

snailbeachshepherdess said...

what a relief!
Brilliant news for Marton.