Tuesday, August 19, 2008


What's this I hear? No more money? They'll have to make do with - what is it? - £9.325bn - for the 2012 London Olympics. Poor sods.

I'm sitting here on a grey day, trying to be vaguely up-beat about life, the universe and everything. (Hasn't Team GB done well - all those Medals? Hurrah!) But I'm weary. Somebody work out for me how many Village Halls @ £400,000K can be bought with £9bn. That many? We'll settle for one in Marton. Fingers are crossed that our Lottery bid will be successful.

Kind of leveling though, isn't it? Will the British Olympic Association have to resort to the kind of desperate fund-raising all too familiar to the rest of us: Coffee Mornings, Table-top Sales, Prize Draws and the weekly 'Foot Clinic'?

Best of luck.....because that's what it comes down to.


Rachel said...

Oh, don't despair!I know this might sound crass, but you and all your fellow fundraisers will feel a sense of achievement when your hard-won village hall comes into existence, that the London Olympics could never match. And you get to keep it afterwards too.

Nikki-ann said...

Us lot out in the sticks don't matter. The country can splash out money on a stadium that's going to be half dismantled after the London Olympics and all that goes with it, but those that really need the money will never see it.

Good luck the the fundraising, I do see the board when I'm on my way to Shrewsbury :)

Cait O'Connor said...

I agree with your every word M. And the Olympics only last two weeks? is that right?

ChrisH said...

I seemed to have missed out on a couple of very appealing posts - exotic veg and luscious fruits. I do know that you mean about the funding.

disa said...