Friday, August 08, 2008

At 7 weeks

I suspect that anyone out there watching the development of a handful of chickens on the top of a low mountain needs to get out more. That includes me too. (Note to self: get out there, grasp the nettle. Get a life.)

Alan has observed that they look a bit New Zealand-ish. Quoi? If any NZers would like to challenge his observation and feel it is a sleight on any national trait - or can even explain it - then please get in touch.

Anyway, here they are; free-range and strutting their stuff. These are 2 of the pullets, darker and now slightly smaller than their brothers. At this rate they will soon be bigger than their bantam 'mother'.


Rachel said...

No, no! I had a life, of sorts, and it was awful, frenetic, stressful and very bad for my health. If I had a low mountain to hide on and some chickens to watch, I would be even happier than I am now, doing very little, going almost nowhere, and thinking very slowly. Stick with the chickens, Mountainear, your life sounds blissful!

elizabethm said...

Love the chickens' hairstyle! I'm with Rachel, stay in.