Sunday, April 27, 2008

A tree's fate

Rob the Tree Surgeon has been round today. We have a sick Sycamore.

'Yeah's not good.....' says Rob in his antipodean drawl 'Gorra go. Down. Fell it.'

We stand around, the three of us, scuffing our toes and jabbing a knife or a key intermittently into the tree's soft blighted bark (as if to prove a point). The tree has given up on us, shedding bark, underbelly exposed - it looks worse by the hour. It's an old 'un, this sycamore - a remainder of the hedge line that ran from the cow house into the dingle, a handsome thing too - with a branch which promised a swing for grandchildren yet unborn.

'Well if it's got to go, you'd better do it quickly,' we say - as if we were discussing the kindest end for the family dog. We add considerately 'When you can , of course.'

'Yeah right' says Rob. ' As soon as I can.' He's keen to be home watching the Rugby which started 10 minutes ago.

We'll miss it. I know we will, but here's an opportunity to plant afresh. A tree for the future.

I wonder - in one hundred years from now - will a wife, her man and a tree surgeon be plotting the demise of a beech or oak? Or will they hear the happy squeals of children peal out as they swoop and soar on the swing which hangs from this - as yet unplanted - tree?

I wish I knew.


snailbeachshepherdess said...

oh dear, how sad, I hate it when trees are felled...butit hs to be done ...and just think of the wood store ...bulging.

Left a comment on treasure hunt below as well..........

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Oh I am so sorry. We have an old Sycamore quite close to the house and I am very fond of it - but if it is sick then it does have to go.

As you say plant a new . . . and wonder who will be looking at it in 100 years time.

kissa said...

Sycamores seed all over the garden - uninvited and we remove them as seedlings this way the emotional attachment is avoided.
Cherish your sapling as it will be where it is wanted.

bodran... said...

It's horrid having to take down a tree, we did it i went out for the day!!

Preseli Mags said...

Sad to lose a tree. But how lovely to plant something beautiful for future generations. Perhaps there's a nice non-rotten bit that a woodturner could make into a bowl? Something nice to remember it by.

LittleBrownDog said...

Gosh yes - think of the wood store. But sad to see something as old and permenant-seeming as a mature tree felled to nothing. Things will seem strange without it for a while.

Think Preseli Mags' suggestion is brilliant - there must be a bit you can make a bowl or a lovely kissing spoon out of.

ChrisH said...

Oh, best of luck with the new tree.

elizabethm said...

Like pm's suggestion of having something to remember it by. We lost a cherry tree and a holly in the strong winds last year and are still burning the wood.